• Year: 2nd                                                                                                        Semester: III

    Session: 2015-2016

     (Your responses will be seen only after your course results have been finalised and recorded. You need not disclose your name if you do not wish to)

  • Students are required to rate the subjects by putting the grade as A, B, C or D for each

    Grade  Remarks Points
    A Very Good 3-4
    B Good 2-2.9
    C Satisfactory 1-1.9
    D Unsatisfactory  0-0.9
  •   PT 304 PT 301 PT 306 CS 303 PT 305 PT 394 PT 391 PT 396 PT 397 CS 393
    Depth of the course content including project work if any
    Extent of coverage of course
    Applicability/relevance to real life situations
    Learning value (in terms of knowledge, concepts, manual skills, analytical abilities and broadening perspectives)
    Clarity and relevance of textual reading material
    Relevance of additional source material (Library)
    Extent of effort required by Students
    Overall rating
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