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HU- 101


To help the students to develop some key concepts like context of communication, writing, reading comprehension, speaking, group discussion, telephonic conversations and language comprehension.

PT-101 and PT-191

Pharm. Analysis

The students will be well acquinted with the principle of different types of titrimetric and gravimetric analysis. He /she will also be well versed in sampling, analysis of data,  ready to perform different types of titrimetric and gravimetric analysis .

PT-103 and PT-193

Pharm. Inorganic Chemistry

The students will be well acquinted with the principle of limit tests, different classes of inorganic pharmaceuticals and their analysis. The practical paper deals with identification of different anions, cations and different inoganic pharmaceuticals.

M 103 OR PTB 101
And PTB191

Remedial Mathematics or

The students will be able to use the knowledge obtained, in further fields of pharmacy like pharmaceutical engineering.

Remedial Biology

The students will be able to use the knowledge obtained, in further fields of  pharmacy like pharmacognosy,physiology and pharmacology.

PT 106 and PT 196

Dispensing Pharmacy

Learn about different types of pharmaceutical formulations and preparation and dispensing of them. It helps them in attainment of  01,O2, O3,O7,08

PT 203 and  PT 293

Physical Chemistry

The students will be able to use the knowledge obtained on various states of gases, liquids; colloids, thermodynamics etc in the ensuing fields like pharmaceutical engineering, physical pharmacy and medicinal chemistry.


Adv. Math and Engg. Mechanics

The knowledge acquired in this subject will be useful in ensuing fields like pharmaceutical engineering and pharmaceutical analysis.

PT 204 And PT294

Organic Chemistry

The knowledge obtained from this subject will be helpful in further studies in subjects like organic chemistry, biochemistry and medicinal chemistry.


Environment and Ecology

This subject will sow the seeds of ethics and help them to care about their surroundings.

PT202 and PT 292


This subject will give them a basic knowledge of different classes of organic compound that are found in medicinal plants, different medicinal plants and their uses. This knowledge will be helpful for further studies in pharmacognosy, pharmacology and medicinal chemistry

PT 205 and PT 295


Physiology teaches them about the different systems in our body. This knowledge helps them in subjects like physiology, pharmacology and medicinal chemistry.

PT 304 and PT 394

Organic Chemistry

The students learn about heterocyclic compounds, and electrophillic and nucleophillic reactions, which helps them in acquiring further knowledge in biochemistry, pharmacology and medicinal chemistry.

PT 301and PT 391

Pharm. Analysis

The students learn about different types of fundamental instrumental methods of analysis along withcomplexometric and non-aqueous titration that helps them in project planning and also in subjects like medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics etc.

PT 306 and PT 396

Physical Pharmacy

The knowledge of importance of physical properties of the different pharmaceutical ingredients and the factors influencing them is very valuable for pharmaceutical dosage form design.

PT 307and PT 397

Pharm. Engineering

The knowledge of basic unit operations and their importance in day to day running of apharmaceutical unit is emphasized to the students. This knowledge is further improved in the ensuing pharm. Engineering and pharmaceutics subjects.

CS 303 and CS 393

Basic electronics and Computer application

The knowledge of hardware and software components along with hands on knowledge on RDBMS and programming tools comes handy in operation of apharmacy and also serves as a stepping stone for the computaional chemistry covered in higher semesters.


Anatomy, physiology and health education

This subject acts as the stepping stone for the subjects pharmacology and medicinal chemistry as students gather knowledge on the correlation between diseases and anatomy.

PT 406and PT 496

Pharm. Tech –I

The knowledge on different pharmaceutical dosage forms are imparted on students. This knowledge comes hany while handling a pharmacy or a manufacturing unit or in the further courses.

PT 402 and PT492


The knowledge of pharmacognosy helps in attainment of further information on medicinal chemistry as well as pharmacognosy.

PT 404 and PT 494


The students learn about the chemistry and biological importance of biological macromolecules. And in the practical paper they get hands on knowledge on qualitative and quantitative estimation of these. This knowledge is helpful for them inlearning about pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology.



The knowledge obtained in this subjec helps the students in understanding the cholinergic and adrenergic systems, and other endocrine systems, which will be usefull for both medicinal chemistry and pharmacology.

PT 407and PT 497

Pharm. Engineering

Pharm. Enginnering renders knowledge about the basic unit operations that are taking place in apharmaceutical industry and the different factors associated with it. This information is useful for both pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical engineering.

PT506 and PT 596

Pharm. Tech-II

The information on solid dosage forms like tablets and capsules, their formulation and quality control serves as an important prequisite for dosage form design.

PT 508


The subject helps the students to understand and correlate between biochemistry, physiology, medicinal chemistry and helps them to underlying conditions for diseases.

PT509 and PT 599

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

The knowledge in this subject is a prequisite for both biotechnology and medicinal chemistry. It also helps them in project planning.

PT503 and PT593

Medicinal Chemistry

This subject helps in correalting between the pharmacology of a disease and its mitigation or cure. This also acts as a stepping stone for use of sophisticated analytical andcomputational tools by thes tudents.

PT-507 and PT597

Pharm. Engineering

The students learn about different unit operations and process  controls that are employed in the pharmaceutical industry. It prepares them to work in a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit

PT 504


The replication, trancription and translation precesses are dealt in detail. This knowledge helps and prepares them in understanding Biotechnology.

PT 603 and PT 693

Medicinal Chemistry

The mode of action , structural correlation and use of different cardioactive classes of drugs along with steriods are taught to the students. This helps them in understanding the pharmacology of this processes.

PT 606 and PT 696

Pharma. Technology

The dosage form design is introduced to the students. This enables them to work in the pharma Formulation and Development.

PT 611 and PT 697

Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics

This subject enables the students to visualize the effect of pharmacokinetic (ADMET)  parameters on the biological effect of the drug. The correlation of pharmacokinetics aand pharmacodynamics is thus introduced and is experimaentally explained to them.

PT 608 and PT 698


The pharmacology and correlation with medicinal chemistry to different cardioactive agents and steroids are introduced.

PT 609

Pharm. Biotech and Ind. Microbiology

Pharmaceutical biotechnology introduces the concepts like rDNA technology, site directed mutagenesis to the students and thereby also helps in their further learning and project planning.

PT 610A and PT 691A

Computer Application in Pharm. Tech.

The relationship between ethics in clinical trials, computational tools etc. and their relevence to today’s society are introduced to the student. It enables us to prepare our students to become more ethical pharmaceutical technologists.

PT610B and PT 691B

Adv. Biotechnology

The useof different protein purification techniques and their use in pharmaceutical and biotechnological fields are given on a practical and theoritical basis. This helps them in project planning as well as in further studies.

PT 706 and PT 796

Pharm. Technology

The preparation and evaluation of novel drug delivery systems is imparted on the students on a practical and theoritical basis. This enables them to think while in an F&D project in their further life.

PT 703 and PT 793

Medicinal Chemistry

The chemotherapy for cancer and microbial diseases and different antihyperglycemic agents is given to the students. This gives them knowledge on the thurst areas for further research.

PT 702


The biosynthesis of different plant secondary metabolites are introduced to the students. This helps them in identifying biomolecules as pharmacophores and correlate this knowledge with medicinal chemistry and pharmacology.

PT 708


The pharmacology of different endocrine and gastrointestinal systems is introduced to the students thereby helping them to correlate between diseases and their cures.

PT 709A
(Elective –II)

Packaging technology

This subject acts as an extension of pharmaceutical dosage forms, and enables the students to learn about different packaging materials used in pharmaceutical industry and the factors governing their use.

PT 709 B
(Elective –II)

Advanced Pharmacognosy

The use of modern analytical techniques for screening and analyzing secondary plant metabolites is elaborated to the students thereby helping them to plan their further research plan while pursuing higher studies.

PT 709 C
(Elective –II)

Pharmaceutical marketing management

The subject imparts management and leadership skills in the students

PT 783


The students submit a project that spans over three semesters and comprises of literature review and practical project work. This hones their problem solving capabilities and enables them to think clearly in their future career.

PT 782

Seminar on assigned topic

The students present the outcome of their project alng with further scope for research. This develops their oratory and leadership skills.


Pharm. Industrial Management

The students learn the different aspects of management along with accountancy and book keeping. It helps them with the overall managerial skills in the industry.


Pharm. Jurisprudence and ethics

The different laws that governs that different aspects of pharmacy are introduced to the students. This builds up their fundamental knowledge on the ethics associated with the profession of pharmacy.

PT 818

Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy

This course deals majorly with the different professional as pects of  pharmacy. It helps the students to develop a keen inquisitive mind that is needed by apractising pharmacist.

PT801 and PT891

Pharm. Analysis

The instrumental methods of analysis that are required in pharmaceutical research are covered in this course. The practical apllication of thiese instruments are also illustrated to the students.

PT 884

Viva Voce

The achievement of the program outcomes is analysed by the viva voce. It also screen whether the students are industry ready or not.


Dr Lalit Pradhan , Head, Technical Training, Mcleods Pharma, India gave a seminar on " Employability Of Pharma Graduates In Quality Assurance And Quality Control”. | Ms Swati Abat Of M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) 2nd year won second prize and Ms Tanaya Palit Of M.Pharm (pharmaceutics) 2nd year won third prize in poster presentation at the two day national seminar organized by Dr Bc Roy College Of Pharmacy, Durgapur organized on 4th and 5th February. | A two days pharmacist up gradation program was organized on 2nd and 3rd February, 2019 in collaboration with IPGA. | GNIPST took part in a environment fair organized by north 24 parganas district authorities. Dr Swati Chakraborty, assoc. Prof, took part in pannel discussions, students of the institute displayed models at the meet. | The 4th year students of the institute went for industrial tour to various industries at Sikkim from 31st January to 7th February. | Annual sport of GNIPST was organized on 28th and 29th January, 2019. | Ms Sneha bag of 1st year M Pharm (pharmaceutical chemistry) won 2nd prize at the poster presentation organized at the international seminar organized by Zakir Hossain Institute Of Pharmacy on 27th January, 2019. | A condolence meet was organized in the loving memory of our beloved Babuji on 25th January, 2019. | Annual cricket tournament was organized on 24th and 25th January 2019 at college sports ground. | National youth day and Swami Vivekananda's birthday was celebrated on 12th January, 2019. | The winter session started from 7th January 2019. | GNIPST was placed in the rank band 76-100 in the NIRF Rankings 2018 | GNIPST was placed in the rank band 51-75 in the NIRF rankings 2017 | NAAC ACCREDITED INSTITUTE WITH A CGPA OF 2.7 | The Bachelor of Pharmacy is Accredited by NBA B grade from 2016 | An international seminar titled " Current Trends in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology" was held on 27th February in GNIPST auditorium. | The Annual Fest "IRIS 2018" was held on 27th and 28th February, 2018. | The Reunion of GNIPST titled "REMNISCENCE" was organized on 11th February in College Campus.